Our network is our strength. This also goes for our network of moderators. We dare to say we know them all and have worked with most of them. On a per project basis we decide what moderator would fit best. Is it a FGD or IDI. is it an inhome visit, a usability test, kids groups, concept testing, exploratory etc. Each moderator has his/her own strength and experience and also personality plays a role. We also match a moderator to a client. Some moderators are in high demand and are sometimes booked well in advance so we do advice our clients to soft book a project to make sure we can soft book the moderator of choice. Soft bookings are free of charge.


Moderators are always briefed verbally and taken through the entire discussion guide. This can be done via phone days before field start or on the day of field, face to face, before the first interview.


Moderators will invoice QPA for their services and will be paid within 4 weeks from closure of the project. QPA charges the moderation fees to the client including a fixed fee for arranging the moderator.