Online Community Indonesia

Online Community Indonesia

All we can say is that a client asked us to recruit a nationwide group of 18 young introverted guys that were willing to share their views with a group of peers online. And we made it work. The client moderated and we recruited all via referrals and also a few via online forums. We spoke (As we always do) to each and everyone of them to make sure they fitted the preferred profile and to also manage expectations. And see below the compliment the client sent us today: they were highly engaged. And that’s because of the way we recruit, how we screen & select, how we brief them and by monitoring them actively during the online community. And by actively monitoring I also mean by scanning all tasks so we can contact respondents to help them remember they have not yet done their task or give them a bit more information on what is expected as all to often respondents don’t fully understand the tasks. So we assist the moderator so the moderator can fully focus on probing.

We were very happy with your contribution to the project and we had great engagement from the participants. Looking forward to the second round!

(Photo by Sandra van Hellemond)




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