QPA Malaysia celebrates 10 years

QPA Malaysia celebrates 10 years

We are proud to have reached the 10 year milestone, because, as data unfortunately shows, only little over 10% of all SME’s reaches the age of 10.

This made us think, what makes QPA stand out?

Apart from delivering good work & consistent quality, sharing knowledge & experience, giving our clients the very best and being innovative, always trying to be ahead of the curve. QPA was the first with a research facility in a landed property in KL, having video streaming FOC, having a trained in-house barista, wireless headsets etc.

What makes us stand out is the that QPA knows how to connect. The connections we make for our clients: the respondents we recruit and the freelance professionals we team up with.

We make relevant connections. We understand what our clients want and need and put that into action.

QPA connects you.

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