Nowadays everybody is on their (smart)phones and people make non-stop photo’s, selfies & video’s. So why not ask people (respondents) to make a video of their life and daily activities. And this is what we do more and more nowadays. And consumers love it.


We use video for:
– Pre/post tasks aka homework for FGD’s/IDI’s
– Online communities: video as part of the assignment
– Standalone projects: where the video is the output
– As a tool during recruitment, to have potential respondents show us what they do/like/use


We can edit and subtitle video’s and also translate all text to English should the spoken language be Malay, Indonesian or Chinese.


We brief all respondents, via phone, prior to making a video. To explain what is expected and that vision has to be as good as can be and sound should also be as clear as possible.


Not all people are smart with their smart phones so those we give some do’s and don’t and we explain certain features their phone will have.


And for those who don’t have a smart phone, there are a number of solutions: family films them or we send/bring them a smart phone and again we instruct them or QPA films them.